Things happen for a reason…your past isn’t always meant to stay in the past.

I’m someone who has always believed that everything happens for a reason.

There was a reason that my dad got sick 6 years ago — to make him healthier. Sounds fucked up right? Well, since my dad got sick he hasn’t had one cigarette and I don’t wake up to hearing him cough up a lung in the middle of the night anymore.

There was a reason for my mom to hear what her father had to say through my psychic reading, and ever since then there has been a sense of ease in her heart. Let’s not get carried away, she’s definitely not the calmest person and she’s still a little crazy, I’m just saying she mellowed out a little bit.

There was a reason that my sister found her fiancé — because he’s and awesome person and I have never seen her happier.

There was a reason for me to take a year off from school — to make me realize how important it is to finish school and to graduate and to decide what I want to do with my life.

So, while all of these events happened, along with several other events that happen in our lives, they all happened for a reason.

The direction I’m going with this is about a week or so ago someone from my past popped up in my friend request inbox on my Facebook. He is someone who, yeah I guess I would say we casually dated for about a month before he left for Japan, and we were golden. I have never felt so comfortable with someone so quick. Unfortunately, he had to leave for Japan since he is in the Marines. When we were seeing each other he told me that he wanted to continue to talk while he was overseas. I had no problem with that. However, the last week that he was home things between us cooled off, and I didn’t even get to officially say bye to him. We didn’t have contact the entire year.

One day out of nowhere, when I was thinking about him a lot, I grew a pair of balls and I tried e-mailing him just to catch up and see how he was doing and asked about Japan, and to not be a stranger and to keep in touch.

Well, I did get an e-mail back but it was an e-mail saying that the address that I sent it to was non-existent.


So, you could imagine my shock when I saw that pending request in my inbox, while I was on vacation mind you.

When I messaged him, which I probably shouldn’t have done first but I’m a girl and I don’t know the rules when it comes to who should message who first, WHICH I should mention is BULL SHIT because I don’t take this shit like a game. Anyway, when I messaged him I told him to not take it personal but it was a shocker that he even found me on Facebook. How did he remember my last name? My FIRST name? It was all a little weird to me at first. But I got to thinking (dangerous, I know), and I was just remembering how happy I was with him, for the short time that we were hanging out.

He said that he was just thinking one day after the gym (in Korea), I guess about me, and just took a shot in the dark to find me. Maybe it was meant to happen.

So, maybe whatever made him think of me that day, was on purpose. I’m not counting my eggs before they hatch like I normally do in these situations…but who knows? Maybe my happiness is around the corner.


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