The New Year

In the final hour of 2013 I find myself home and alone. Everyone is making their resolutions for the upcoming new year, how to better themselves mentally, physically, the new diets their going to start January 1st and then forget about by January 16th. It’s amazing how many people make the same resolutions, and those who make them together. The most common resolution is obviously weight loss and to get more healthy. I did quite the opposite this year. I actually gained — yes I will admit — over 30 pounds from the summer of 2012 to January 2013. So I am actually making my resolution to better myself, and lose weight, and to eat better, and I AM going to stick to it.

Given my new friendship situation (the lack of friends), going to the gym during the week is going to be easier to do! I also find that making charts and getting my life organized is going to help with that. Making a gym schedule to fit between work, and when the time comes for school. My boss and I have a Groupon that we came across for five pole dancing classes. I am actually very excited for that. It will definitely be an experience, and will help with our upper body strength.

I want to better apply myself at work, no matter how stressful and crazy it is or can get.

I want to give up bad habits.

I am also going to focus on saving money in the new year. I made a money chart, the 52 week challenge that is being seen al over the internet. I carelessly spent my money this year on stupid worthless things, and I’m not going to do that next year. I may spoil myself with a trip to Colorado over my Spring Break, but that’s because I really do think I deserve it. I have been so stressed out, especially these last few months with my sister getting engaged and everything.

I’m turning my life around in the new year. I lost sight of who I am this year. I get jealous over the stupidest and childish things now, and I never used to be like that. I don’t open up to anyone, or I open up too much. And I feel like the reason that I am sitting here, at 11:25 PM on NYE proves that the person who I have become this year, is a worse version of myself.

It’s true that life will not throw things at you that you can’t handle, and if you can handle them that’s when it will come. I’m just preparing myself for the upcoming challenges.

Well, another year gone. Here’s to 2014.


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